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Is this Baldi's Basics in education and learning

Mod or fan game

Even rip off (plz no we don't need more rip offs)

I will fix it is not fan game!

Is rip off!

oh, god 

I will change the game to not look like Baldi

I need to test


Deleted 3 years ago

It's not a fan game.

This game is trash, The movement is inverted, When you move your head it goes through a wall, The quality menu thing won't go away sometimes, You can't even do math work. I cant even check the check-boxes, It crashes a lot, the graphics are literately not as good as the game known as, Baldi's Basics And Education And Learning...TRASH!

Ok i'm going to fix this game but only thing why this game is trash because I need to learn more coding is it's because of coding that's why my game is trash to I'm going to update the game to make it better. But the reason why the movement is inverted because press v or space that means your looking back and I will fix the issues and add more stuff in the game and don't be lazy and fix the menu video settings and more and I will fix the glitches or crashes.

The movement is not inverted just read the controls your looking back press space or v.

Yes it is. I couldn't master anything just because of the controls.

Ok I will fix that

It does not crash on my pc.

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the game keeps crashing so ill just hope it won't crash on video

It's not crashing for me.

Let me see it.

Upload a screenshot

i just solved it, seems i can't have 2 browser games open at once

Somethin its not good in this page.

My game

Let's get to 1000 downloads



Can 1 get 1000 downloads

wow this is sooOoOOOOoooOOO original



Fricken speed runner over here