Its Celeste  mod for pico-8

Made withPICO-8
Tagsceleste, PICO-8
Average sessionA few minutes


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Celeste and celeste classic speedrunner here this game is not that hard now its definitly harder then celeste classic cause i did terrible and got 9:17 but at the same time that was my first run and the controls are different from what im accustomed to (my record on celeste classic is 3:03)

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This game is great! took me 22 minutes! Only problem is the first winged strawberry level is near pixel-perfect. (I think, I didnt actually get it, but i had an idea of what to do) Otherwise a fun and challenging game!

I really like it


many of the screens are exactly the same or extremely similar

Level design? Is a shit! Impossible strawberrys, and colision bugs...


is a shit


Hey mrscotty. I'm apart of the celeste classic speedrunning community. Is it okay if we can get the original cart to run on pico8? We're working on a celeste decathlon with a bunch of celeste classic mods and we're hoping to add yours to the list. its okay if you choose not to, I'm just trying to run all the celeste mods on pico8.

this is great


hey buy Celeste